“Lives transformed, dignity restored”

Our VISION is a world free from sexual exploitation – where people are no longer bought and sold as products; where victims of sexual exploitation find true healing and restoration; and where all people actively seek to protect and care for their most vulnerable.

Our MISSION is to see life transformation in individuals working in Berlin’s sex industry by communicating the love of Christ – We see power in even the simplest of gestures or shared moments. We want to demonstrate the love and honour Christ showed to the woman in Luke 7:36-50. We are committed to reversing narratives of exploitation that have kept generations of individuals in slavery. We are unceasing in affirming their value and that each one is beloved. We acknowledge and care for each individual’s holistic needs: from care and community, to physical health and security, to personal growth and empowerment.


Gospel-centred: we are committed to communicating the Good News of Jesus
Respectful: we walk patiently and faithfully alongside the women in their life’s journey
Affirming: we affirm value in all people
Compassionate with consistency: we build trust and persevere where others might give up
Enduring in prayer: we call on God to change impossible situations


~ Key verses: Isaiah 61: 1-4; Ephesians 4: 1-4 ~

“I had been busy setting out sandwiches and coffee at Café Outreach when I noticed an Eastern European woman who had arrived a short time ago. She sat slumped down into her seat and after a few moments we caught each other’s eye. ‘Ich bin chronisch müde,’ she said (exhausted), stuttering in broken German. She smiled back at me, but her smile suddenly gave way to desperation. I walked towards her, placed my hand on her back and wiped away her tears one by one. And as she gave a big sigh of relief, I knew she had felt seen in that moment and I was overcome.” (AJ team member)


AJ exists for moments like these – where lives can be transformed and dignity restored.


Alabaster Jar was launched in Berlin in 2006 by New Zealander, Patricia Green. Patricia spent many years prior to this in Thailand where she established Rahab Ministries; an organisation which is still working to help women trapped in prostitution. Over the years the work of Alabaster Jar has continued thanks to the prayers, generosity and commitment of donors and volunteers, without whom this ministry would not be possible.


We are so grateful to have a wonderful team of volunteers from all different countries who invest their lives into listening, building trust and instilling worth into every person we serve.

Here in Berlin our staff team consists of the Director, Outreach Coordinator and Financial Administrator.


Individuals working in Germany's sex industry


Brothels currently in Berlin

1 million+

Men buy sex every day in Germany

15 years old

Alabaster Jar

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