Reaching the women where they are at, our volunteers hand out condoms, coffee, tea, sweets, as well as literature and contact info for practical help.

This outreach aims to build trust and relationship through engaging in conversation and by showing up consistently. Week after week we recognise the impact our consistency has, as women share about their lives, families and even open up about the seemingly impossible situations they find themselves in. Often we hear stories of poverty, abuse, pain and disappointment, but in these situations, we get to be the listening ear and voice of encouragement that tells them there is still hope.

Wednesdays, weekly
19:30: Devotions, worship & prayer
21:00 – 23:30: Street Outreach, Tidy-Up & Debrief

*Visitors join the Prayer Team to pray, observe and get a feel for the work we do. This team follows closely behind the Outreach team and is a vital part of our ministry.

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