Café Neustart has become a place of refuge for many women. It is a place for them to take a break, whether it be a conversation, games or a short nap.

Different from our other ministries, the café offers a place where the women can step away from their work and because of this, have a chance to be themselves. We get to spend a significant amount of time, often with regulars, engaging in activities they enjoy, while getting to know each one a bit better. Additionally, during this time we offer food, drinks and a clothing closet where woman can find items they may be in need of. You could say the café has become a kind of “home” to many of the women who have worked in the district for years.

Thursdays, weekly
13:00: Prep, devotions & prayer
14:00 – 18:00: Café Outreach, Tidy-up & Debrief

*Visitors are invited to help during prep and tidy-up, to serve the women and to engage in conversation. For this reason, we ask that visitors of this ministry have a genuine interest in becoming a regular volunteer

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