With fresh baking and gifts, the Brothel Team goes to engage and encourage individuals working in just a few of Berlin’s brothels. Often received with open arms, our team loves to catch up with the individuals they see regularly during this time.

Conversations topics include relationships, culture, religion, family, and also practical help. With an estimated 400,000 women working in over 3500 brothels in Germany’s prostitution industry, 600 of which are in the capital of Berlin alone, we have a huge window of opportunity! We truly believe there is so much more in store for this outreach and look forward with anticipation as we continue to faithfully serve where doors have been opened.

Tuesdays, bi-weekly
17:45: Devotions, worship & prayer (Brothel Team visits first brothel in Schöneberg)
19:45 – 21:30: Brothel Outreach, Tidy-Up & Debrief

* Visitors can join in as a part of the Prayer Team, which accompanies the Brothel Team as they walk from brothel to brothel.

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