Who We are

We are Alabaster Jar

Alabaster Jar exists to see life transformation in individuals working in Berlin’s sex industry by communicating the love of Christ. You invest in what you value, so we want to be a voice that says ‘You matter,’ ‘God loves you,’ ‘We see you.’

Currently we have 3 outreaches: Street, Café and Brothel outreach. Our work is supported by a committed team of volunteers who are focused on instilling hope and worth, building trust and simply providing a space where the women can relax, have fun and be themselves.

The women come mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds from Eastern Europe and many of them are victims of sex trafficking. Often they are promised ‘new life’ but instead they find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of abuse, exploitation and control. They come from poverty and they are kept in poverty for someone else’s financial gain.

But we believe there is HOPE. We are passionate about engaging all sectors of society in this mission, and so if you are motivated to make a difference with Alabaster Jar, we would love to hear from you!


Our new 2021 Prayer Diary is available for download here!

 ‘How to pray for Alabaster Jar in the midst of COVID-19.’ Download here.


Our 2019 Annual Report is now here!

Download our 2018 Annual Report here!


Thank you for journeying with us!

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